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Sonya & Silvio’s Wedding

Sonya and Silvio are a truly lovely couple, clearly very much in love – even if they sometimes drive each other a little crazy! They have both traversed through life to this point, searching for that which only the other can give them: security, understanding, tenderness, laughter and love. They have supported each other through difficult times and laughed together through the good ones. They have shared the joys (and tribulations) that have come with raising their adorable daughter, Selena.

This wedding did not just unite two people, but also two families – the Muser’s and the Mannix’s. Family is clearly very important to both Sonya and Silvio, which was evident throughout their whole day – from the ceremony to the reception.

Never have I shot such a bubbly, cheeky bride – who would spontaneously run down hills without a moment’s thought for her stunning dress! There might have even been a few sneaky smokes in there as well! Silvio was most touching during his moving speech and it was clear that his love for Sonya is deep, enduring and unconditional.

I would like to wish Sonya and Silvio all the very best for a long and happy future together with their daughter, Selena.

Cheers to the Bride and Groom!

xx Emma