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Rohan & Nyssa’s Wedding


Here is a taste of the beautiful, colourful, peaceful wedding I was lucky enough to photograph on the weekend. The ceremony took place under a blossoming cherry tree at the Bride’s home, while children frolicked in the orchard and guests wore “what makes them happy”.

The beautiful bride, Nyssa, looked amazing in her stunning purple dress, with her colourful bouquet of hand-made crochet flowers and her radiant smile. Rohan, the ever bare-footed groom, was nervous and excited while preparing himself for the day – which seemed to involve quite a bit of last minute sewing to the hand-made kilts!

When you see the smile that Rohan gives to Nyssa while she’s walking down the path of blossoms to stand beside him, you can’t help but see the love that these two very special people share for one another.

While discussing the photography for this wedding, Nyssa asked me to candidly capture the uniqueness of their wedding. Well, it certainly was unique! From the bride’s purple gown to the half-naked man in the background during the “legal” wedding, from the eclectic outfits of the guests to the flash-mob during the speeches!

This wedding was not just a ceremony, but an entire weekend event – which had been Rohan’s dream since he was a boy. The rest of the weekend was spent at a school camp adventure playground in lovely cabins with wacky friends and fun all around. Every detail had been planned and considered with passion. The community atmosphere was amazing with everyone pulling together to prepare food, clean up and contribute something.

Rohan and Nyssa are filled with compassion and the admirable desire to provide for and care for others, which has endeared them to their many friends. Their wedding was no exception.

Rohan and Nyssa, this wedding was truly an amazing accomplishment, just like your love is. I wish you every happiness for your future together with your two beautiful girls. Hope you get to enjoy some post-wedding peace and calm over the next few months!

Love, Emma xx