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How to Critique Images (for novice Judges)

Throughout the past 3 years as a photography judge, I have judged over 30 competitions, including State and National level. I have also given over 20 different presentations to photography clubs all across Victoria, on a range of topics – most of which are covered here on my blog. I am passionate about giving back to the photographic community that helped me to develop my skills back when I was a mere novice.

The following presentation is designed for an audience of novice judges, and contains a wealth of practical advice on how to structure your critique when judging photography competitions.

I consistently receive positive feedback on my judging and the most common praise I am given is that members walk away feeling like they have learnt many new tips. Members appreciate the variety of different comments that I give – covering not just technical information, but also conceptual and aesthetic.

Despite all the good praise I have received, I am far from infallible. I have made several mistakes along my journey, and I am sure that you will too! It is crucial to be self-reflective and open to criticism so you can learn from your mistakes and improve in your judging.

Good luck and feel free to ask me about any questions or concerns that you have.

x Emma



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