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Family and Portrait Packages and FAQ

Children , Family & Portraiture – Details


Children , Family & Portraiture – Details

  1. What is the best location for a family photo shoot?

For child, maternity and family photos an outdoor location normally works best and really suits my preferred style.  Other than your home or the local park, there are plenty of locations that would make a great backdrop for your family’s portraits – the beach, an urban street, a friend’s farm, even an old junkyard or graffitied building!  Often times the best family photographs come from rather unconventional locations.  Since every child and family is unique, I would be happy to help you choose a location that suits your family’s personality.  The early morning and late afternoon/early evening light works best for photographs taken outdoors.

I also have a portable studio that is easily set up in any home. My clients always comment on how great it is to be able to have studio style and quality, right from their lounge room! If this is something you would like, please discuss this in your complimentary consultation.

  1. How long do these photo shoots take?

I recommend allowing 45-90 minutes for your child/family/maternity photographs to be taken. I encourage you to ensure your child is as well rested as possible with a full tummy.  While there is some basic posing involved, children are encouraged to play and run, to capture your family as they are.  It’s usually these moments that create the best images!