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About Me

Emma & Zoe

When I look at the world, I frame it through the lens of my camera – I see all of the small but important moments that go by and wish I could capture them all. There are so many precious instances throughout my life that I wanted someone else to capture for me – my mother and I snuggling on the couch when I was a child or holding my baby girl beside her nursery window, cradled lovingly in my arms while light pours in through the curtain. I wish I could have these memories immortalised on my wall, but no one saw them or photographed them, and now they must live on only in my memory. As a child, we were too poor to own a camera so there are only a few images of our family, which I cherish. That is why I do what I do – I capture your memories so you can cherish them forever.

I love to photograph in nature. As a child I lived in North Eastern Victoria, on rugged unkempt bushland. Every weekend, I would traipse up the sides on the mountains that surrounded our small house, or sit on a log overhanging the stream in our backyard. I would listen to the birds, draw a sketch, read a book, collect gumnuts, make cubby houses or play chasey with my brother and sister. Through living here and having a somewhat ‘alternative’ upbringing I developed a profound appreciation for nature and a desire to protect our world from the destruction of man.

As such, I am proud to be the only eco-friendly photographer in Australia. In every element of my business (and my life), I consider the impact I am having on the environment and I seek to reduce this as much as possible. Please look at my “eco-friendly” section for more info.

My photographic style is relaxed and natural – I love to shoot all the candid moments exactly as they happen. I am a story-teller who will do whatever it takes to get ‘the right shot’ which captures the essence of my subjects. I prefer not to pose, but gentle direction is important to help you to feel relaxed and assured during the shoot.

Throughout the process, you will get to work with me. I will hold your hand through this whole experience. You will be given a complimentary pre-shoot consultation where we get together and I will find out about you, your family and what makes you different so I can capture the pictures you want and tell your story. After the editing is completed, I will help you to order so you are not overwhelmed. My husband and I work together to make all your frames from reclaimed timber that we source ourselves. We will consider what style will suit you and your home and create pieces to match.

Our memories are what define us. They’re the moments in our past that shape our present and our future; like footprints of our lives left in the sands of time. Let me capture those memories for you, so they will never be forgotten.


Warmly,x Emma_small