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About Me


Welcome to Emma Gilette Photography!


My passion is photography and my greatest joy is seeing my clients faces light up when I give them their artwork. My objective is to use my photographic skills combined with my artistic vision to create artworks for you that tell your story and capture your special moments – whether it be the day you marry the love of your life or the time you bring a new child into your family.

As a wife and mother I understand the importance of marriage and family and the significance of capturing the beauty of these special memories for you. You might even find my husband Andy and my beautiful children – Zoe and Cooper – showing up in my photos from time to time because I find them so irresistible!

My photography has been a continuous journey of self-discovery. I studied Fine Art and Education at Deakin University (graduating in 2006) and subsequently studied Photography and Digital Imaging at the Vega National College of Photography in Johannesburg (graduating in 2009).  During the past 10 years I have held many solo and group exhibitions of my paintings, drawings and photographs, selling more artworks than I can remember. Since 2009 I have worked as both an artist and a freelance photographer in my spare time, all around my teaching commitments. I now see photography as my true calling and have left teaching so I can pursue my dreams full time.

I want to create artworks for you to hang on your wall – portraits that tell your story and capture the essence of who you are.

If this is what you’re looking for, then give me a call and we’ll talk it over.


Xx Emma